About the Dietitians Board

The Dietitians Board is one of 16 Regulatory Authorities established under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 (HPCA Act) - The Act provides frameworks for the regulation of various health professions. 

The primary role of the Dietitians Board is to promote and protect public interest by providing mechanisms to ensure that Dietitians are qualified, competent and fit to practise their profession. Our vision is to promote and enhance the health of New Zealanders by ensuring that dietitians practise safely and competently. 

The Boards major functions are to:

  • set standards
  • prescribe qualifications for scopes of practice by dietitians
  • accredit and monitor educational institutions and programmes
  • grant registration of dietitians and issue (annual) practising certificates
  • review and promote the competence of dietitians
  • deal with cases of dietitians who may be unable to perform professionally

Dietitian Prescribers

Dietitians who have met the Dietitians Board criteria may have their APC endorsed “Dietitian Prescriber” and are authorised to prescribe Special Foods, vitamins, minerals and related products.

To maintain prescribing rights and recertification by the Dietitians Board, all prescribing Dietitians are required to complete an online annual prescribing update.

The course provided on this platform is for Dietitians maintaining their annual prescribing rights & meeting their recertification requirements